I Have a Cavity; What Is It and How Do I Prevent More In the Future?

Posted by Future Dental on May 17 2021, 05:56 AM

I Have a Cavity; What Is It and How Do I Prevent More In the Future?
Continue reading below to learn what causes cavities, how to prevent them, and how the dentist at Future Dental Care, No Fear Dentistry safely removes them. One of the most frequent things our doctors hear patients say when they've been diagnosed with a cavity is, "BUT DOCTOR, I DON'T EAT ANY SUGAR." What most dental patients aren't aware of is that it's not just one specific thing that causes cavities. In fact, whether you drink sugary drinks or not, every single person in this world is susceptible to the stubborn tooth-eating bacteria that causes them, and over 91% of the population has previously had or has a cavity. For that, we have over 300 different kinds of bacteria that live in our mouths to blame. All those tiny living microorganisms produce a biofilm which you've probably heard of as dental plaque. Once there's enough of it, the tooth enamel will begin to wear, and that's when cavities are

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