Black Triangle Correction in Redwood City, CA

Black Triangle Correction in Redwood City, CA

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Have you ever looked at your smile in the mirror and noticed little black triangles between the teeth? They are caused when the gum tissues do not entirely fill the gap between the teeth near the gum line. In dental terms, it is called an embrasure and can make your smile appear displeasing. They are quite common, and approximately 67% of people over the age of 20 years have at least one black triangle.

What causes black triangles?

The causes of black triangles can vary from person to person. Some of the prominent ones are:

  • Aging
  • Receding of gums, predominantly due to gum diseases
  • Orthodontic treatment that results in diverging tooth roots
  • Excessive space between adjoining teeth
  • Misshapen tooth crowns
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco

How can black triangles be disadvantageous?

Black triangles are mainly an aesthetic concern as they ruin the appearance of your smile. Also, food debris and tartar deposits can get accumulated in them, which increases the chances of developing cavities and gum diseases. We suggest you get black triangles corrected at the earliest so that they do not upset your oral health.

How can black triangles be corrected?

At Future Dental care, we offer a few treatment procedures to correct black triangles. The most popular ones are as follows:

Gum surgery: Depending on the patient’s candidacy, the Family dentist in Redwood City, CA may discuss gum surgery to get rid of black triangles. The gums will be contoured in such a way that the gap between the teeth and the gum line will be completely filled, which gives you a pleasing smile.

Ceramic restorations: Crowns or veneers can be custom-fabricated to match the contour of the teeth and bonded to them to correct the black triangle.

Composite bonding: Composite resin is used for several cosmetic dental purposes. A suitable resinous material will be prepared by matching it with the color of the teeth. It will be injected in between the teeth and contoured as required before being hardened using a curing light.

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