Laser Dentistry in Redwood City, CA

Laser Dentistry in Redwood City, CA

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The laser has been used in dentistry for several years now. Every once in a while, a new application of laser is developed, thanks to various advancements. Some of the popular uses of laser in dentistry are to treat gum diseases, teeth whitening, root canal therapy, detecting benign tumors and cavities, oral cancer screening, etc.

How is a laser used to treat cavities?

At Future Dental care , we use a laser to remove the decayed parts of a tooth as an alternative to hand-held scaling. This means removing the decay reduces inflammation and is less time-consuming. After this, the dentist will place a customized filling material in it and shape it accordingly.

Is a laser used in treating gum diseases?

The tartar deposits accumulated near the gum line release toxic substances that decay the gum tissues. If left untreated for a long time, the condition can become quite severe and turn into gingivitis or periodontitis. When you visit the Family dentist in Redwood City, CA  for treatment, the decayed tissues will be removed using a laser. The powerful beam of light instantaneously vaporizes the tissues and seals the wound. There wouldn’t be any need for sutures, and the healing period will be minimal.

How can lasers be used for root canal therapies?

During root canal therapy, the dentist usually makes a tiny hole on the tooth and removes the decayed dental pulp through it. The procedure can be highly painful and is usually quite delicate. At Future Dental, we use a laser to perform root canal therapy. The bacterial infection can meticulously be removed by focusing the laser precisely on the decayed tissues.

Does laser help in contouring the gums?

Patients with a particularly gummy smile can benefit from laser therapy. The dentist will use a laser to contour the gums by removing excessive tissues carefully. It is a painless alternative to gum surgery, where tissues will be removed by surgery and involves long healing periods.
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