Dental Bonding in Redwood City, CA

Dental Bonding in Redwood City, CA

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Dental bonding is a process in which composite resinous material is applied to the teeth and shaping it accordingly. It helps to restore the ideal shape and functionality of a severely damaged, worn out, or misshapen tooth. We use tooth-colored composite resin for the purpose, which is biocompatible and highly customizable.

What are the applications of dental bonding?

Bonding can restore the following types of teeth:

Chipped or naturally misshapen: When you sustain oral trauma or bite into something too hard, your teeth could chip and look out of shape. In some cases, the teeth may be naturally misshapen. These conditions can be restored using composite bonding.

Cracked or broken: The teeth may break or crack when you have a bad fall or go through sports-related injuries. The cracks can be covered, and the tooth can be prevented from being extracted by composite bonding.

Severely discolored: In some instances of teeth discoloration, whitening methods do not yield the expected results. Hence, a tooth-colored resin can be bonded to the tooth to restore its aesthetics.

Excessive spacing: When large gaps separate the teeth, your smile may look quite displeasing. Dental bonding can be used to make the teeth evenly spaced.

What is the procedure involved?

The dentist conducts the initial diagnosis and determines the severity of your oral condition. The adhered tartar deposits will be removed by scaling, and the teeth will be cleaned using a jet of water. Etching solution will be applied on the tooth to roughen it, after which the dentist places the composite resin on it. The dentist meticulously contours it, and once the shape is finalized, it will be hardened using a curing light. A bite test will be taken, and the restoration will be polished to give it just the right luster.

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