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Use Your Dental Benefits Before Year-End

This is the best time to get your dental issues treated. A small cavity left untreated for too long can lead to deeper decay and toothache, which will end up making you undergo a root canal and, in severe cases, even extraction. All these procedures are much more expensive than routine dental checkups or cleanings. So, good oral care through preventive dental measures is cheaper and more reasonable than waiting for dental problems to appear and worsen.

So, this time, don't let your dental benefits go to waste. Utilize your dental benefits and retain your smile before New Year, as just a few more working days are left. Call us at (650) 780-9429 or (650) 780-9439 to know all about your pending dental benefits and book your appointment. You can also book online or visit us at 3752 Florence St, Redwood City 94063.

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