What is Dental Emergency?

Urgent dental needs-

1) Facial swelling extending to face/ eye/ neck.

2) Broken/ cracked tooth causing pain

3) Trauma

4) Significant toothache preventing sleep , eating, associated with significant swelling.

5) Bleeding following extraction. Slight oozing is normal but it should stop within 20-30 minutes of pressure with gauze, just like if you have grazed your elbow.

When to go to ER?

1) Facial swelling affecting vision or breathing, preventing mouth opening more than 2 fingers width.

2) Trauma causing loss of consciousness, double vision or vomiting.

Non -Urgent-

1) Loose/ lost crown or bridge or veneer

2) Broken/loose denture

3) Broken/lost fillings

4) Bleeding gums

5) Chipped teeth with no pain

6) Loose orthodontic wires not poking in cheeks/gums

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