Wisdom teeth Pain

Updated: 16 hours ago

Wisdom tooth pain is generally due to inflammation of the gum over the erupting tooth, which can be worsened from trauma.

Most flare ups can be managed with good home care. It should settle in a few days to a week.

1) Excellent cleaning- Even if it is painful to brush, the area must be kept clean for proper healing.

2) Peridex Mouthwash- Avoid using for more than a week as it stains teeth yellow.

3) Soft Diet- Soft food will remove trauma from biting.

4) Painkillers- Ibuprofen/ Tylenol based on manufacturers instructions and drug interactions.

5) Warm salt water rinses- 3 times a day, helps with reducing gum swelling.

If you have difficulty swallowing,difficulty in opening mouth and swelling in your face and cheek, please call your dentist as you may need antibiotics or further assistance.

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